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A Sunny July?

It’s supposed to be drier for us in July…finger crossed! Here’s Ollie’s gardening advice for the coming month,
“We are now in midsummer and the garden should be looking at its best, so do take some time out to just sit and admire it this month. A very therapeutic job, which keeps your plants looking great at this time of year is dead heading. Annual plants can be encouraged to flower again by removing spent blooms. Repeat flowering roses also benefit from being dead headed. Remove any dead flowers with secateurs, cutting back to a healthy node or another flower stem. You can also use the opportunity to remove any badly placed stems or tie in branches to encourage the desired shape. July is a good month to cut back Hardy Geraniums, which have finished flowering. This encourages a second flush. Cut back all spent flowers and foliage to ground level, and give them a feed to help them regrow and flower quickly. If you haven’t already staked tall herbaceous perennials, tie them to supports like canes and twigs to stop them collapsing in the wind. Finally, remember to spare a thought for the friends of the garden, such as hedgehogs, ladybirds, hoverflies, bees, butterflies and birds. Look for ways of making your garden more inviting and accessible to these creatures. A hole at the base of your fence will provide hedgehogs access into your garden. Putting out bird food and a bird bath will attract birds, and growing plants that bees and butterflies love, will be sure to bring them in.” Ollie Ryan-Moore ~ Creative Landscapes