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December in the Garden

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, if you happen to be lucky enough to have some in your garden. If you have a holly tree (Ilex photo 6aquifolium), but It doesn’t bear berries it is most likely a male plant. Only female holly trees produce berries. This month is a great time to give your greenhouse a deep clean. Pests and diseases can lurk on and under benches and in corners. Remove as much a possible from the greenhouse and clean all the nooks and crannies with a disinfectant. Watch out for fungal growth on the crowns of herbaceous perennials and take swift action to remove affected growth. Moulds and fungus affect plants grown in poor draining soil, so if you suffer with rot on a regular basis then improve your soil. Sharpen up lawn edges using a taught garden line and a half moon edger. Now that deciduous trees and shrubs are dormant they can be transplanted if necessary, remember to stake them if they are quite mature. Finally spare a thought for the birds Dogwood-Midwinter-Firewho are looking for food during the winter months. Putting out food and filling bird baths helps them through the winter.Plants of Interest this Month
Dogwood Midwinter Fire (Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’) a deciduous, suckering shrub with vibrant yellow and orange stems in winter. Will grow in all moisture retentive, free draining soils in full sun or partial shade. To produce the most vivid coloured stems, cut them down to buds just above ground level every year
~ Ollie Ryan-Moore, Soft Landscaping Team Leader