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DON’T neglect your garden in winter!

Let us start a project now and you’ll be sitting pretty when spring returns.

There are those who regard the next few months as the closed season for gardening. The wellies are parked by the back door and probably won’t be dusted off until Easter.

What a waste.

We believe this is the time to put right those little niggles that have irritated you all year. In short, if your garden has bits that don’t work you have a calm four months in which to sort them out.

The back end of the year is a time for projects. While nature sleeps we have a chance to steal a march on her so that, when she wakes up, the lie of the land has been adjusted to show her off to perfection.

So, lets start a project for your garden over the coming weeks. It need not be dramatic. It might not involve much gardening as such, but simply the installation of something that will make your garden much more enjoyable. Call us today.