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Frosty Mornings and Fallen Leaves

The winter is on its way which means leaves are starting to fall from the trees. This is the most important task when taking care of your October garden. Raking up the fallen leaves is the best thing to do followed by adding to/creating a leaf mould pile or compost heap.

Continue to divide herbaceous perennials, which have spread too much or have become unproductive. Also continue to cut back their dead stems and foliage as they die down. After the first frost strikes, lift tender perennials such as dahlias and cannas. Dry the tubers and store them in cool, but frost free dry environment. You can take your chances and leave the tuber to over-winter in situ outside, but cover their crowns with a deep layer of straw or bracken to protect them. This may not see them survive a hard winter though. Cut down hybrid tea roses by one third to reduce wind rock, which would damage the roots. Enjoy the Autumn sunshine! Ollie ~ Creative Landscapes