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Gardening Tips for May

Are you planning to do some work in the garden this Bank holiday weekend? This is one of the gardens in Aslockton our team look after. Here are a few tips from Ollie, our Plantsman.Aslockton spring borders
“Weeding is a job that we rarely get a break from as gardeners, and I’m sorry to say that May is no exception. There are however some clever ways to reduce the work we have to do. The things that annual weeds love are space and light, so bare soil in your garden is a haven for them. The aim is to reduce the amount of bare soil, and the best way to do this is to fill beds and borders with plants to cover the ground, reducing the space for annual weeds and making our gardens look even better. Another excellent solution is to mulch. Applying a 5-10cm deep covering of well-rotted manure, bark chippings, gravel, straw, or leaf mould over bare soil between plants. The mulch stops light reaching the soil, feeds your plants, reduces water loss through evaporation and looks decorative. Always make sure that the soil is moist before applying the mulch. Hoeing is also a good way to control annual weeds. The idea is to slice through weed plants just below ground level, leaving the foliage to rot down on top of the soil and the roots to rot down below. Hoeing also fluffs up the soil and improves aeration. It’s best to hoe on a hot dry day so the weeds wilt rapidly. The grass is growing vigorously and you should now be into a weekly schedule of cutting your lawn. Don’t forget to edge the lawn with a half moon or spade. Create a gully between the lawn and the bed, which stops the grass spreading into the border and looks very neat. Also use edging shears to clip the grass overhanging the gully, this will really make things look crisp.” ~ Ollie Ryan-Moore