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Happy New Year

One of our teams is currently working close to home in a very soggy Bingham this week whilst our Soft Landscaping team has been busy all over Nottinghamshire, we work 12 months a year come rain or shine!
Ollie has some January advice for everyone ~
” 2016 has arrived and if you need a new year’s resolution, then why not choose to spend more time in the garden. It is important to periodically check staking to ensure that it is doing its job. Also check winter frost protection such as fleece to make sure that it is intact and not acting like a sail, rocking plants in the wind. Now is a great time to start pruning and training apples and pears during their dormant period. Remove dead, dying, diseased, damaged and crossing wood, and take out branches and spurs that are growing in a downward direction. Shorten the previous season’s growth by one third to an outward facing bud. For detailed instructions refer to the RHS Pruning and Training book or their website. If you haven’t already done so, protect ceramic pots from frost damage by wrapping them in bubble wrap or hessian. Also, raise pots off of the ground onto feet, to improve drainage and reduce the amount of water in the compost, which can freeze, expand and break pots. Plant bare root trees, shrubs and hedging, whilst they are available and inexpensive. Carry out pruning, training and renovation of deciduous trees and shrubs. Do not prune species of Prunus (Stone fruits) such as cherries, plums, gages and ornamental cherries, as they are susceptible to diseases at this time of year. They are best pruned in mid-summer, so put it on your list of jobs for then. Finally, keep feeding the birds and make sure that their water doesn’t freeze over, ensuring that they have a much needed supply of food and drink.
Plant of Interest this Month
Witchhazel (Hamemalis mollis) is a large, hardy, deciduous shrubs with interesting, yellow flowers borne on bare stems in mid-winter. Grows in any sheltered spot in acidic, moist but free draining soil” ~ Ollie Ryan-Moore, Soft Landscaping Team Leader.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year, from all the team at Creative Landscapes.