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October Lawn Care

The Soft Landscaping and Maintenance Team are preparing lots of lawns for the coming months. Now is the time to scarify, aerate and top dress lawns; scarification removes layers of thatch and can be done with either a spring-tine rake or a powered scarifier. Afterwards apply an autumn lawn feed; these are low in nitrogen, so discouraging lush green growth that would only succumb to cold and diseases over the winter months. Autumn is here so be sure to rake fallen leaves off your lawns before they block out light and air penetration to the grass. This is the last chance to mow recently sown grass areas, to neaten them up before the winter, don’t cut lower than 2.5cm (1in) and topping with the mower will also prevent weeds getting out of hand. Autumn is a good time to repair lawn damage caused by fungal diseases or pests, interestingly named things such as red thread, fairy rings and lather jackets can all be devastating. For more information take a look at rhs.org.uk/advice or give us a call, we’re happy to help.
We’ve said goodbye to Ash this week, who is moving to Suffolk, we wish him lots of luck! There are one or two new faces here, so it may be time to update the staff photographs!