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On the Veggie Patch

March is a great month on the veggie patch, as you can finally start to sow seeds, both inside and directly into the ground. Leeks and celery can be sown in seed trays and placed on a warm windowsill or in a propagator. Later on, leeks should be transplanted in pairs, into 9cm pots to be grown on. Peas and broad beans can be sown outside or in pots. Remember to ensure that supports, such as pea sticks, are in place before sowing. Beetroot, lettuce, salad leaves, carrots, radishes, spring onions and chard can all be sown directly in the ground in shallow drills. Also onion sets, garlic and shallots can be planted out, as well as early potatoes, when the ground is dry enough to work. Remove weeds regularly to ensure your veg doesn’t have any competition and keep an eye out for slugs, who are looking for a tasty meal. We have created some great wooden planters for customers’ veggies in the past. If you want a bit more info have a look at these links or get in touch we’re always happy to answer any questions ~ Ollie Ryan-Moore, Creative Landscapes
Have a Happy Mothers Day weekend!