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Spring Marches on……

It’s a bright Spring afternoon here in Aslockton, but it’s been a wet old week on site for the guys; the Hard Landscaping Teams are busy in Edwalton and the Soft Landscaping and Maintenance Team have been busy all over Nottinghamshire as usual. Here’s some more gardening advice from Ollie, it’s definitely time to pull on the wellies and get busy!
Spring is well on its way now, with the count down to the clocks going forward and the noticeably lengthening days. Now is the time to prune Cornus and Salix species, grown for winter stems. Cut the stems low down to healthy buds.Finish cutting down the dead stems of grasses and any herbaceous perennials that have been left for winter interest, before they regrow. It is a good time to remove tired looking hellebore leaves to expose the beautiful, nodding flowers. Plant summer flowering bulbs, and divide overgrown herbaceous perennials. The grass should start growing more vigorously now, so start mowing the lawn on dry days. The first cut should be on the highest mower setting, and slowly lowered over the weeks to avoid stressing the lawn and to help the grass get used to being cut lower. Keep on top of weeds, as they germinate and grow during these warmer, sunnier days. They are much easier to deal with when young. If you have flowering bulbs that you grew inside over winter, such as hyacinths, you can plant them out in the garden, when their flowers are spent. Dead head daffodils as the flowers go over, but allow the leaves to carry on growing until they naturally turn brown, this ensures good flowering next year. Finally, keep an eye out for pests and diseases and remove or treat affected parts.
Plants of Interest this Month
Stachyurus praecox is a large, hardy, deciduous shrub, with long racemes of pretty, yellow, bell shaped flowers and large, slender leaves. Grows best in moist, free draining soil, in full sun or partial shade, prefers acid soil. ~ Ollie Ryan-Moore, Creative Landscapes